Re-thinking accommodation for international students in Sydney

“International students enrich Australian communities, bringing energy, diversity and new ways of seeing things…Education is now Australia’s third biggest export sector, generating $18.6 billion in 2009 and supporting approximately 125 000 jobs across Australia… ”

Council of Australian Government, 2009, International Students Strategy for Australia 2010-2014, page 5

How can we improve international student’s lifes in Australia, particularly in Sydney? In our group we aim to re-think student accommodation by providing more interaction and communication:

  1. Generate un-used space from single unit to create a large specific public space
  2. Provide events and activites for people
  3. Create more interaction for international students to communicate and break down cultural barriers

Alan Cong Wang, Sutapa Nandy, Zhao Zhang

“process thinking and iteration modelling…”


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