Come to BikeTank 5 @u.lab – SPECIAL: IDEAS IN AND FROM JAPAN

This week we will take a look at the work u.lab has been doing in Japan and its impact on the four student projects in Sydney, which are emerging and transforming rapidly.

7.50am for 8am start
18th October 2011
u.lab warehouse, 50 Kensington Street, Chippendale

Last week’s BikeTank developed some unexpected 2016 models for BikeHubs in Sydney’s favourite suburbs [e.g. a cycle-wash that washes you and the bicycle all in one go..!]. Some of these might be off the ground soon..? In any case we feel the BikeTank is a re-usable model that we would love to see propagated further. Come along to learn how.

Tickets include free barista coffee and pastries, but we’d like you to register (so we can buy you enough goodies).

See more at: htttp://   Twitter @BikeTank #BikeTank

We look forward to collaborating with you~!

The u.lab team



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