Kolelinia / Martin Angelov

Martin Angelov shared his funky concept for a new urban way of transportation dubbed “” with us .   proposes that we ride our bicycles on a steel wire as a new type of bicycle lane.  The idea was awarded first for the international “Line of Site” competition.

“The first crazy idea which came to my mind was to make flying bicycle-lanes, using steel wire, something like ski lift but working on the opposite principle in which the wire is static and it doesn’t need electricity,” explained Angelov, who presented a more developed version of Kolelinia on Sofia’s TEDX conference a few days ago.

Working off the idea that transportation has to “not only be a transport, it has to be an experience,” Angelov has turned an initial idea into a developed possibility (especially with the addition of his safety features).   Angelov’s ideas make us question whether it is possible to achieve a completely new level of transportation with minimum resources.

All images courtesy of Angelov. http://www.archdaily.com/46236/kolelinia-martin-angelov/#more-46236

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