Mishaps and Shenanigans of the Famous 5 part 3

So we’re in. Walking into the main room the club is pumping. Good beats, lights, style. Looking around though, no one is dancing. Everyone is at a table, drinking and playing a dice game. Well this is different.

We orderd drinks with the usual confusion of who ordered what, no we didn’t order that, yes we just paid that guy for this drink etc….etc. Anyway in the end the drinks were just as expensive as in the Cross back in Sydney so we decided to not stay long and look for somewhere else. By this time a small group of dancing people had formed. Cristian and I, making the best of the night felt we should go and show some fresh moves straight out of Sydney. The moves were so fresh the dance floor cleared in about 30 seconds and all the people could do was give us weird looks. I put it down to jealousy because they could not comprehend that a human body could move that way. Not wanting to show anybody up too much, we finished our drinks and left. 😛

Finding a corner shop we bought some more drinks for approximately a tenth of what we just paid in the club and went and enjoyed them by the river.


This was the calm part of the night, just watching the locals skate past, try and catch fish with a torch and a net or ride by on tandem bicycles and enjoy a drink with some friends who had been through a lot in the last couple of hours. The calmness didn’t last though because we happend to be sitting next to a kareoke bar. In we go.

Unfortunately all the rooms are full so we sat down to have a snack. I ordered spicy squid to try and someone ordered fish roe. In my head I had crumbed calamari rings with some chilli sauce. Instead I literally got a whole squid. Dried and barbecued to make it like leather it was really dificult to eat. The roe was an experience aswell. That came as a whole babecued fish on a stick with the eggs stuffed inside. The only way to eat it was the whole thing at once.


 With more drinks we sat and talked for a while untill we really needed to get back to have some sleep. The dreaded cab ride followed. Without a policeman we manaaged to convince a cab driver to take 5 of us. That is untill he worked out how far he had to take us. He pulled over in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t go any further. It took some begging and double the original fee to get him to take us all the way. We were happy because it still worked out to be only $5 each.


Waking up we were provided with breakfast before we went to the airport. Another weird experience but a fitting end to a very strange 24 hours.

Dalian here we come!!





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