Forming The Best Snow Ball (BW1-Diversity)

Coming to China I was expecting a large language barrier and was worried about the progress that would be made in a quick fire 5 days.

After 1 day my worries are put to rest and I actually feel ashamed that all the students here can hold advanced conversations in English while I can only say a few words of Mandarin that are not always pronounced correctly.

When I used a word that one of my Chinese counterparts were not sure of there would be a flurry of words between other group members as they drew upon all of their experience with the English language. Every time at least one person would know the Chinese equivalent and the whole group understood.

This is the same when ideating. All the Chinese students bounce off each other so fast that sometimes it is hard to know when one person finishes and the next starts.
Taking an initial idea of what we could propose for the huge hole in front of us, their architecture background spun it in a completely different direction that seemed to be 200% better in less than a minute, with Giulia drawing from her design experience to suggest a final tweak that put a thick icing on an already very good cake.

In summary if you want a very good idea for a solution, come up with a starting point and let other people snowball with it. When it reaches the bottom of the mountain you will have a very rounded and very large snow ball to play with.



Let the Chinese snowball with a word like shampoo and they come up with something so much better!


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