Intensity as a factor of innovation

AX1: Intensity as a factor of innovation       

 Working in teams today involved two very different aspects. The first was during the site visit as well as the bus ride. During this time, most conversations were one-to-one in a very relaxed setting. The Insensitive work started during the preparation time where we had 15 minutes to prepare a 3-minute presentation. The first thing I noticed is that due to the limited, although not short, preparation time, members of the team were more willing to accept others’ points of view with little criticism, and would rather build on it than reject it. This can be considered successful in terms of team work, but it can also limit the idea generating to whoever is holding the pen. On the bright side, I believe that trust was built very quickly between the team members and this Intensive work conditions made spontaneity grow. There were instants where a member would have a side discussion with another member to get support for their ideas before throwing it on the table, which might affect the way that idea is perceived, but it definitely helps minimizing the preparation time. Cultural differences affected the way problems are approached, but members seemed to be welling to quickly form a hybrid approach to do so.  Overall, Intensity factors were noticeable, but mutual goals made the results accepted by the team as a whole.

 (by Ahmad, April 23rd 2012)


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