My Brief time as the Rat King…


[CZ1] Upon being inducted into the Dalian University of Technology (DUT) family, we all were taken out to dine on some of the local cuisine. During the course of the meal, I enquired to one of our hosts as to how my last name (Doig) would be approximated in Chinese. I was in formed that the closest word/name would be simply Dui, meaning “rat”. From that moment forth I was pronounced the “rat man” of the group. I felt that if I was going to be called a rat, I may as well be their leader. I was informed that the word “wang” meant king. SO, I then declared my chinese name to be Dui Wang. From that moment, the Rat King was born..

It was not until the next morning that I discovered that I had misheard my host’s interpretation of “Doig”. “Dui” actually refers to “right” not “rat”. From that moment, I felt that I had lost my title of being the rat king… I took solice in the fact that  could now call myself “Mr Right”,

During the course of the day, we visited the site of the project that we are looking at (a giant hole in an area of Dalian). We ventured into the quarry, where I immediately felt that there was potential for an adult playground/paintball adventure park. Not many others seemed to agree, an I’m sure that the ones that did were just humouring me…. 

I found that physically visiting the site (a state change) really helped to influence my creativity regarding the ideation for the potential solutions for the project. I’m not 100% sure, but it is possible that finding out that I was no longer the rat king helped to bring me back down to earth, clear my mind, and focus on the task at hand…


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