Teamwork, Intensity and a Quarry

“On the bald street breaks the blank day” 


{“On the bald street breaks the blank day” “


“On the bald street breaks the blank day.”

In Memoriam A.H.H, Alfred Lord Tennyson

It was over the lunch of fragrant, steamed fish that our Cino-Aussie group first communicated in genuine earnest. Food is the ultimate international language; a unifier. With ginger and chilli burning warm in our bellies, we boarded the bus for our site visit to the former quarry. The comfort of our heart-warming meal, dissipated quickly, as we travelled deeper and deeper into the industrial wasteland outside Dalian. Finally arriving, at one of the bleakest places I have ever visited; barren, scarred, apocalyptic. 

From lush, affluent Sydney, the devastation was all-encompassing. The intensity of the inequity between our two cultures and their inexorable connection was overwhelming and suffocating, like the poisoned air that filled the vacuous chasm that we stood in. A sea of plastic, sorted into bags of colour, played out like an artist’s palette of environmental devastation. Crushed and smashed, ready for recycling, the plastics read like a horror story of industrial carnage. Much like communist relics that litter the landscape of Eastern Europe, devoured by vines and crumbling with age, these forlorn broken toys and old air-conditioners seemed to signify the end of a great era and the sad remnants of what remains. 

The raw intensity of this profound moment has exacerbated the clarity of the task at hand for both teams, in fact it is irrelevant where you come from or what you have previously learned about the world, this blight can no longer be ignored. It represents so many of the great injustices in our world and we are compelled to make it better. In this quarry, we found a uniting call to action and this momentum broke down any social barriers still remaining between us as students and provided a firm foundation for our teamwork and our inevitable friendship.


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