Nets on Ceilings, Paper Trees on Wall


Day 2


[BX2] My brain was like a sponge in the last couple of days. With the information overload in a limited amount of time and fast paced environment, I realised this fed my short attention-spanned brain.  The only time I started daydreaming was when I quit trying to understand what the other person was saying.  


Communication has been very interesting in this diverse environment. I realised I suddenly turned my attention to things that tickled my ear and listened to what I was searching for, wether it was deep thought about “life” or just what I had been working on that exact moment.


Now in the last few days, I have been in extreme mode of miscommunication due to language barrier. Or at least I thought it was miscommunication.  I then realised, firstly, due to the slow


ness of the communication, I was able to absorb and chew on the words being said to me from a foreign student.


In addition, I did learn a few different methods of speaking, as I had to adapt to the culture of this land if I wanted their input and mine.


I found myself repeating (in my own words), what the person I was chatting to was saying to me to confirm what I thought they were saying. (Marriage counselling tip). “So are you saying that you think my idea for the rehab of brown fields is the best thing you’ve ever heard of ? and so on…And vice versa.


Then there was the body language


. They were exaggerated: the up and down nods, the smiles, the frowns, and …..the confused look.


Suddenly I realised something. This was not miscommunication. This was communication in the most exaggerated and clear form! Each word/phrase had a length of time, an exaggerated emotion, maybe a sketch, a synonym, and sometimes a noise attached to it to effectively communicate the thought.


Sometimes when there is no language barrier and there is too much junk said around a thought, the thought could be lost. At least that’s how I looked at it.


So this reminded me of the restaurant we went to yesterday with a water and nature theme. The interior designer/restaurant owner made sure we understood the theme. There was no subtlety about it. The nets were hanging on the ceilings, and there were paper trees that covered the walls. This exaggeration made sure you thought you were at the sea next to trees. Normally I get fooled easily, but this time they didn’t fool me!






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