The non stop, go go go, you can sleep when your dead day. (Intensity – AY2)


Talk about intensity,

Today was non-stop, beginning with a 5×5 that produced a physical prototype. To get there was bang,bang,bang. 

Anything in your head went down on paper, a post it note, transformed into a shape or was expressed in hand and face gestures.

25 minutes produced a refined direction that the group could present on, and use in upoming empathy work.


Doing the empathy work was tough, A quick hour of interviews with local residents (all in Mandarin) was an intense situation of not knowing exactly what was going on, forcing me to peice together information from gestures and expressions.

Following was another quick fire 45 minutes of video interviews at a a local shopping centre to gain a broader understanding of how local people view Dalian.

The intensity of the tasks brought out more gut reaction decision making and improvisation that would otherwise be squashed by having the time to think. Producing representations of ideas is best done on the fly by the seat of your pants.




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