CO-OPOLIS Workshop in Dalian – Day 3

Most of Day 3 was spent engaged in group work to further develop the proposals.

The major event of the day was an afternoon stoker aimed at exploring audience, values and brands (what they are and their purpose). A group hacky-sack session acted as a warm up for a 5×5 design activity with the following steps:

  1. Brainstorm brands.
  2. For as many of the brands as possible, consider the needs that they satisfy and values that they portray.
  3. For each team’s group concept/proposal, come up with a visual representation of a stereotype of the key audience/user (i.e. a persona). Through visuals and words, convey as much about the ‘typical’ user’s demographics as you can, such as information about their work, home life, family, transport, clothes, daily schedule, eating habits, values, religion, ethnicity, etc.
  4. Collectively develop a group manifesto. Begin by each writing down 1 or 2 (English) words that summarize your understanding of the ethos/values/underlying principles of your proposal (keep this private). As a group, stand in a circle, alternating Australian and Chinese students. For each person’s words, play a version of Chinese whispers around the circle, with the last person writing down (in English) what they heard. This will result in several language translations and interpretation by each member of the group before the value is added to the manifesto.
  5. After considering the intended audience of your proposal and values of your group, develop a (physical manifestation) of your brand. Come up with a 30 second television ad/role play, culminating in a jingle/tagline for your proposal.

This design activity was a great success, resulting in entertaining and informative TV ads and jingles!

After quick, elevator pitch-style presentations by each group summarizing their stakeholders, value propositions and current proposals, we all moved off to a hall for a lecture by Joanne and the Australian students about the philosophies behind and techniques of ulab, Entrepreneurship Lab and BikeTank. The Chinese students seemed fascinated by this style of teaching, which is so different to the standard teaching methods used here in China, and pretty much throughout the world (including the rest of UTS).

The lecture was the last activity of the day, so everyone took an early mark and headed off to dinner to rest before the busy two days to come.


– Sonja


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