Hump day

Day 3 – Diversity – Representation – BY3

At this stage of the project, the factors of diversity probably had the most influence on representation in the design and ideation process. It was the middle of the week, and we were starting to feel a little tired as a result of having class over a 13 hour period for the past two days. Needless to say, we needed to engage with some of the more fun stuff to get us back on board.. Ideating and Designing!!!

Our group had conducted some empathy interviews in regards to the project, and had identified some key stakeholders in the project. We then had the task of developing a new idea/concept for our proposal on Friday. We spent most of the day working on designing the proposal for Friday. This was a refreshing exercise for us as it allowed us to be creative and share our thoughts with each other.

The factors of diversity that were most prominent in affecting representation were disciplinary skills and natural talents.

In order to represent our concept in not only an informative way, but also an interesting one, the members of our group were able to use their background in architecture and design as well as their natural drawing abilities to produce a drawing of it.

In another aspect of representation, we were required to present our idea/concept for the proposal in the form of a TV commercial (acted out). Here, I used my cultural background (in heavy TV viewing), to aid our representation of our concept. Using a rhyming jingle (cultural background) we acted out our concept in a way that could simply convey our core concept on a basic level.

At the end of the day we had an evening lecture by our fearless leader Joanne, where we were all given the opportunnity to present different elements of U.lab to other DUT students not involved in the workshop. After that, we were given an early mark, then headed out for a night of dinner and drinks!…. at 4am wen I crawled into bed, I wondered how the next day would be. I told myself that I’d have an early night on Thursday.


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