Mood Swings



Day 3


[AZ3] Our intense ideation process today can be described below:

5 minutes brainstorm of the team’s ideas about how to use the quarry in Dalian represented by one word and one sketch. Followed by 5 minutes brainstorm of the connecting factor of those ideas represented by an overarching top part of a2 paper with notes and sketches. Followed by 5 minutes brainstorm of how to visually present that concept by sketching it. Followed by 5 minutes of 3-word goal for project: Recycle-Connect-Future Value. Followed by 5minutes brainstorming of post it notes stuck next to those 3 words(e.g. recycle what? Connect who and what? What kind of value?). Followed by 5 minutes of connecting each part to create 4 groups by moving post it notes around, which created 4 categories. Followed by 5 minutes of prototyping each category to be a functional type of space. For instance: recycling plastic to build bridges to create better communication. Followed by intense discussions about filtering this information with our previous empathy work and research of the user’s needs and desires for this space.  


My brain was on a high during that time as these spurts of ideas motivated me to do more. Only when I realised I was stuck on not knowing what questions to ask, my energy levels went down. My physical body needed some attention. I needed a new representation/solidification/articulation prototype exercise. Maybe a change of state was what I needed, as I started to become less creative with my questions. 


Took a bit of a break, jumped around, laughed a bit, then went onto more ideation sessions! This time, brainstorming, discussions and post it note relationships were not as important representations except for brainstorming about brands and their value propositions. We played Chinese whispers to communicate our value proposition within our group and observed how it was perceived and communicated in different ways. Then we acted out a role-play and a jingle to solidify what we stand for. We had only short moments to prepare so we had to be extremely focused, articulate with few words all of our complex thoughts. For some reason we all managed to do it with great success! Actually, the reason might lie below:


This frequency and speed of idea articulation in a variety of manners helped us focus instead of multitask and resulted in new ideas due to productivity. Then, when this solidification was shared between members, we bounced off each other’s ideas and linked them together to create newer or more developed, complex ones. I was surprised how much my energy levels were influenced by this intense process. As long as I was coming up with ideas, I was motivated to come up with more. Intense mood swings-maybe that’s just me.




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