Out comes the sun.


“Moving between mental states can shape how we see the world. Likewise, changing location, culture and collaborators can shift our state of being.”

There is no better quote that can represent my thoughts at this very moment. These past days in Dalian have been all about state-change: climate, language, culture, cusine … it’s all different, it’s all new. And as a consequence my eyes are whide open, I smell everything I eat, I listen to every single noise or voice I hear, I observe people more carefully, I look at their expressions and gestures with scrutiny. My brain is absorbing so much new information – and I feel it’s all essential to survive, to familiarize with this new world, to create for myself some new datum points on which to rely on.

Surprisingly this state-change has also given me more concentration: I’m not distracted by all of these new stimulus, on the contrary its intensity has boosted my attention and ability to keep focused.

This morning I was thinking about this mutual never ending process of change leading to discovery and vice versa, when I experienced an other state-change. As I opened the windows to let some light and fresh air into the room I was pleased to see that the fog had disappeared to leave space to a tiepid sun. I found it quite meaningful considering this was the first day we were actually going to concentrate on designing a solution – a great new beginning for a meaningful positive transformation.

In the afternoon, after a few fun rounds of hacky-sack, during which we got to release some tension and shift the atmosphere, all groups participated in a 5X5 design activity that mainly was aimed at “exploring audience, values and brands”. Each step required a great deal of ideation and, as we went through the process switching tasks every five minutes, I noticed how we all responded very actively to each imput and how as a group were able to progress in one coherent direction.



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