CO-OPOLIS Workshop in Dalian – Day 4

The majority of day 4 of the CO-OPOLIS workshop was spent at DUT, where the teams continued to develop their proposal. However, the morning was broken up by a lecture from Architect Chui Yan, who’s company designed the new conference center currently under construction near the city’s old port. During the bus tour of the city earlier in the week we visitedthe construction site, which made it very interested to learn about the background of the project.

The pace of work picked up in the afternoon when the requirements for Friday’s final presentations were announced, including verbal and visual content (such as branding, architectural/technical drawings and a photo montage) and a physical model. A number of take-away and delivery dinners were ordered as the teams worked into the early hours of the morning to be ready for the following day. The pressure was on to impress the guests attending the presentations – including representatives from several stakeholder groups (local government, the recycling company who currently occupies part of the site, and a design firm) – and to win the coveted “Best Proposal” award.


– Sonja



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