Diversity & Representation


Today was a very intense and productive day. We spent most of out time continuing to develop our proposal and representing it through various media. Our ideas were quite clear and we felt confident with the tasks to complete, but after the requirements for Friday’s presentation were announced, we realized that it was going to be a long night of work non the less.

Photos, some representation of the empathy interviews, sketches, technical drawings, a model, a logo, a value proposition diagram… It all needed to be finalized and time was running fast. Our Chinese team mates worked amazingly well on time-management and as soon as “what to do” and “how to do it” was clear, Micheal assigned a few tasks to each of us. We all buckled down with our individual jobs to complete but with our great group goal in our minds and we went on working almost all night long.



I started by working on the “value proposition diagram”. It was quite clear how organized and efficient the group was by dividing up tasks, but I still wanted to keep al my group members involved with what I was doing, so every once in a while I would show them my progress. Once the first task was completed I went on to work on the branding: I had to come up with a logo and a claim. I was quite happy about it because it is something that I enjoy doing – but still, I wanted to make them part of the final outcome of that tasks so I kept on sketching my ideas and asking for feedback and advice. I think the whole process was very productive, as we all kept adding information to my original sketches, these became a very intricate representation with multicolored lines and notes all over. I can see how these made no sense to a stranger but to me, after all that talking and exchanging ideas, those “scribbles” had all the information I needed to carry out the task in the direction that the whole group chose.

Even thought the work kept us busy most of the night and I felt exhausted by the morning, I have to say it was amazing to be part of such a productive and creative moment. I remember how I would take a break once in while and walk around the room to refresh my ideas, but at the same time peak at other people’s projects. I was amazed by the work that was slowly taking form on every group’s  table. Sketches, drawings, models… all so different but all so effective in communicating. Like different languages that involve different senses, they were all getting a message across.


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