Diversity, the old old wooden ship? (BX4 – Diversity)

In any language communication is affected by diversity, mostly because of the different words people use for the same thing such as football and soccer, rugby and football.

Accross languages every word is different and are therefore useless. Communication resorts to common factors that both people know. 

Noises, motions, acting and mimicking all come to the fore as they are universal communication tools.

As I write I’m listening to music so I cannot hear anything in the room. Observing those that are conversing I notice many more gestures than ever before. 

The room is alive with information that is usually smothered by spoken words.

Either that or people use less words at 1am.

Watch attached movie the way they used to be (silent). Can you see the information?

Untill next time.

Stay classy Dalian.



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