Roll up your sleeves


Day 4 – State Change – Communication – [CX4]

I woke up after a few hours of sleep, remembering that all of my clothes were still drenched with water from the torrent of rain the night before. Making my way to class in a fairly soaked jacket and pants, I told myself that I’d get an early night tonight.

When class finally began, I was reminded of the fact that we would have to present our proposals in just over 24 hours.. The realisation that I wasn’t going to get any rest tonight either dampened my spirits a bit. Now at least my spirits and my clothes from the night before had something in common.

It was interesting to see how the different teams in the room went about coping with the challenge of delivering a huge amount of work in such a short period of time. Some groups seemed to go straight into producing a model, others seemed to have individual group memebers make for a tactical retreat and desert their company until the fighting was done. Our group luckily enough seemed to have an unspoken alignment of how to approach the task at hand, and managed to take care of itself without any real issues.

At three AM most of our group had finished work for the night (with the exception of one) and I decided that it was a good time to get some rest…..

For me and the other UTS team member in our group, state change definitely affected the communication between our group members.

On the Thursday, we had the task of preparing the majority of the work for the presentation on the following day.  The fact that our groups had been brought together to the same physical locations (changing location) really allowed us to communicate to a higher level than if we had been trying to do so from a remote location. Being in the same space allowed the group to come together and to sense where everyone was at in regards to the project as well as to facilitate all of our alignment of goals for the project.

Experiencing the local culture of Dalian also helped communication between the groups. Having spent almost every meal with our group members, helped to give us some insight as to who they were (their personalities) and therefore aided communication in the group even further. Knowing how someone acts normally is a good reference point to have to know how they feel while they are currently reacting. As a result of this change of culture, we were able to communicate much more fluently without relying so much on the translation of language. For instance, now that we had bonded a bit, a simple physical gesture could indicate what the person was referring to when talking to the rest of the group.


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