Team in Harmony

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Today was a long day, where we were supposed to prepare our prototype and pitch for tomorrow. I would say if it was a 5X5, it represent the last five minutes. Ideas are clear; everyone now knows they have an understanding of what we’re doing. We did lose 2 members, but we got some good external help. Although we have always been serious the past few days, but I think this is as serious as it can get, and that’s a new state we’ve experienced. Dividing the work didn’t seem to take much as it was done on a specialty basis, but what I missed the most was being able to talk about every little detail, but time was not to be wasted. I admit there are areas of the prototype that were solo decision, but well made still. I left at 1:00 am and left people working there. I’m sure tomorrow will be exciting. I mentioned earlier that we had external support from other students, but honestly, we didn’t have the chance even to introduce each other, and we just smile. I think this in itself is one of the state change factors we nice getting-to-know conversations were totally skipped and work was all that matters. More than ever before, no judgment was made to other’s work, but when a member consults another member, they gladly accept the advice.  There wasn’t any degradation of the friendliness between the members regardless of the pressure. I think we succeeded in building a good team spirit in the past few days.

 (by Ahmad, April 26th 2012)



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