A happy ending


By the morning our work was done, ready to be printed and presented. We were all happy about the results but we still had a major task ahead: our pitch. The process to describe was long and articulated, as these past four days of intensive work. We all agreed that the best way to deliver a good pitch would be by being clear, concise and… rehearse as much as possible! I felt a lot of pressure because of the guests that were going to be present and, in my heart, because I wanted to do everything I could to give a positive contribution to our presentation.

All together we organized the speech and then we started rehearsing. We had to present in both languages, we therefore decided to alternate between English and Chinese every few sentences. The instinct for all of us was to start presenting in English and then translate into Chinese. It only crossed our minds afterwards how maybe it should have been the other way around… English is not my mother tongue, so I see it as language through which I can communicate when I am abroad, a language that in my culture is widely recognized as everybody’s second language.

Watching all the presentations was just amazing and inspiring. It was great to see how each group developed a very unique project and delivered it with great passion. Thinking about how I felt on DAY 1, it’s unbelievable to see how everything changed so fast. From “unfamiliar” and “confused” to “comfortable” and “at ease”. From “a stranger” to “a friend”. In our differences we found common grounds, and on those we were able to go beyond any cultural diversity to contribute to an amazing project from which I learnt a lot.

Betty, Xanadu, Micheal, Ulissys, Daniel it was amazing working with you. Thank you for everything you have taught me.
DUT, thank you for allowing this great cultural exchange, it has truly changed my life.
Dalian, thank you for having me. It has been an amazing adventure!


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