CO-OPOLIS Workshop in Dalian – Day 5

After sending their materials off to be printed (very quickly and inexpensively, compared to Sydney!), the teams turned their attention to developing their pitches. By the time the guests began to arrive, the posters were printed, the presentations were polished and the room had been cleaned of the extensive materials used during the proposal development process.

The pitches were amazing, with skits, props, models, posters, prototypes and websites used to convey the teams’ ideas. Lots of interesting discussion followed the presentations, and after the guests and teaching team voted on their favorite proposals, the winning team (and runners up) took home I (heart) DUT t-shirts and mugs!

To wind up the workshop and take advantage of the warmer weather, a farewell party for us was held out on the lawn (where another impromptu hacky-sack game developed), followed by a relaxed dumpling dinner and karaoke late into the night.

Overall the CO-OPOLIS workshop was a fantastic success. The cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary collaboration resulted in inspiring proposals, and we are excited to see how the DUT students continue to develop the ideas over the next 6 weeks before they visit us in Sydney!




– Sonja

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