Presentations, Farewells and Celebrations!

Day 5 – State change – Ideation


By the morning of day 5, we were desperately completing the final components of our presentation. With one of our group members having worked autonomously throughout the night (without even a few hours of sleep) and the rest of us feeling quite exhausted as well, we decided that the final components of the presentation would have to be presented in a simplistic way, rather than burning ourselves out even further.

We had two main components left to complete, the role play, and the model of our proposal. We had been told that the presentation must be bilingual. In terms of a role play, how were we going to do this? Should we act the role play out in Chinese? English? Have one narrating the other? This was getting too complex for our tired brains and the state that they were in, so we simply decided that the role play would have no language in it, to make it simpler and potentially understandable to all parties. This is an example of how being in a tired state allowed u to make simpler decisions due to our reduced mental capacities.

In terms of the model that we still had to produce for the presentation, the type of work that was being performed was definitely that of more physical and repetitive work than mental work. Sure, the physical work took mental concentration, but it was a welcome change to our tired brains. The design of the model had some specific locations of columns, and other features. Following the design to the nth degree was simply too daunting for our minds to bear, so we simply had the idea that we would construct and place columns into the model as we saw fit by means of visual evaluation. This saw us complete the model at a much faster rate and as a result, felt much more prepared for the presentation.

Essentially, having the altered state of mind (tired and oxygen deprived) made us be more creative by making simpler decisions in the execution of the presentations that we delivered.

After the presentations, we were all very glad to be able to go out and celebrate with our team mates and other class members. We started off the afternoon with a small party outside the front of the building we had spent the last few days in, where we were all able to say goodbye to each other and exchange email adressess and such. Then we headed out for one final dinner and a wild night of Karaoke!! Many drinks were had, only to be matched by fun as well! 


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