Stick or Twist (BW5 – Diversity)

Teamwork is affected by diversity because people are naturally different in the way they think and act.The best teamwork is when the whole team thinks as one unit all pushing towards the same goal.

I think the greatest diversity when presenting today was deciding on the order of when people should speak.

The Chinese students felt that the English speakers should go first and then the Chinese would follow. Their reasoning? They felt that the people we were presenting to would quickly become bored if they were waiting for the English to be said after the Chinese. Ok a fair point.

I personally felt that since this was a Chinese project in China that the Chinese should go first. There was also then no danger of it looking like the Chinese were just translating for us. In the interest of group cohesion I relented as I felt. I do not know the Chinese way of thinking as well as the Chinese do.

All the groups seemed to folow this standard which thankfully meant we didn’t stand out in a bad way.

A comment was made however in feedback and we managed to deflect this by saying our hosts were being very polite.

Doodged a bullet there.

Diversity is good in a group because it gives you options.

Sometimes though, you just have to stick to our guns.



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