Talk or Work

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 Most of the communication we had today was related to presenting, and mostly rehearsing our roles to each other. It was funny to see people trying to translate form English to Chinese on the fly, I mean during the presentation preparation, but it meant more attention is given from the translator to every single word. We had our argument of whether we should translate everything or alternate between English and Chinese, but no time again for arguments. I think in such an intense setting, time is way more valuable than personal opinions, which in return makes communication minimal. This has resulted in a few surprises in the presentation, and parts being added by member without others knowing. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and it might be noticed by the audience, but I’m trying to reflect to what happened to communication in that intense situation. So if I was to rate the output, I would say productivity was greatly increased by intensity, but communication was definitely degraded.  On the other hand, I think feedback is only valuable if you have time to implement it. Therefore, even if I would in the future dedicate more time to communication between members, I would prefer to make it like a small elevator pitch to just keep everyone up to the moment, and get back to work.

    (by Ahmad, April 27th 2012)

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