Brainstorm… ideas flood!!!

“factors of intensity influence ideation during processes of empathy”

 Preparing questions

 Once we had a point of view and some sort of ideas of what could be done in the site, we needed to know all we could from 3 different stake holders around the pit (community, Recycling Company that owes a part of the pit and the government). We did a brainstorm based on what we extract from day one to get as many questions as we could to ask the stakeholders, distribute those questions in different groups and proceed to get that info in several interviews. All this process was time limited and as concise as we could, which helped our local pairs to translate all the questions to Mandarin.



 3d model

As part of one of the 5×5 exercises we put all our basic Ideas in a 3d model. We needed to create a basic 3d representation of what we wanted to do in the pit. We had 5 minutes to create the model using various tools. The Idea was to have an extra means to communicate our ideas to the stakeholders and test the concepts with them. Some of us took the model to the stakeholders; some others took pictures of them and showed used them to base all the questions we had.



After our visit to the government building making the respective interviews to the people involved in the pit issue, we proceed to brainstorm as quick as we could all our findings in a big paper. The idea was to get as much as possible findings in the table as quick as we could so the concepts were simple. We had much more ideas than we thought so we had to divide them in 5 categories to understand how they were related to each other. After that intense process of getting all the ideas classified in paper the next step was easier and we moved to create our empathy map.

Empathy map

Once we had our findings categorized, we tried and extract all that information to understand the government’s position. According to what we found we extract as many concepts as we could read on the categories and then we classified them again in an empathy map. We had again heaps of concepts that gave us a clear understanding of the situation and what needed to be done in the space. After finishing the map we were ready to present, just before the deadline. 


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