ChinAustrOlombian Soup for lunch! :D

“factors of diversity influence teamwork during ideation and design processes”


 Brainstorm ideas from different backgrounds

 At this stage we had an empathy map and some insights so we created our point of view and started brainstorming to find our final direction. It was amazing to have people with different backgrounds because even with the same kind of focus extracted from days one and two, all the ideas were slightly different. We needed to filter them group them and link them to have a final idea which take us again a lot of interdisciplinary work to find.



 Not only the professional background helped us out defining our ideas, our different nationalities and cultural knowledge made us work faster when explaining a new idea or criticizing others ideas in terms of viability. We will always have assumptions that we build from our subjectiveness that can be easily supported or discarded when changing the context.



 Deciding as a team

 Diversity played again a very important role in our process of deciding the final idea, after suggesting many different possibilities each of us gave its point of view from each background in order make the most viable and real project. Many limitations came out in terms of business efficiency, architectural structures, landscaping and user’s needs but this limitations helped us to shape the final value propositions and create our business model.


 Divided functions/ Technology

 Having such a diverse team made easier to divide all the tasks within the development of the project. It made it easier for each of us to take responsibilities based in our fields of expertise. Of course during the process of getting each of the tasks ready we could ask all the members of the team about any additional requirements and use different sources of knowledge to fill any sorts of gaps we found on it. Not only during the ideation process the diversity was important, we had many research tools available from different backgrounds and technologies (Softwares, Electronic devices etc) that ease the pressure of the deadlines.





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