Could I borrow your brain for a couple secs?

“Factors of state-change influence communication when you were researching the scope and site for the week’s challenge”

Looking from the weird angle

While collecting information in the pit it was really helpful to get out of the comfort zone and try and getting pictures from different perspectives. It helped us to notice very interesting situations and explain our findings to the group easier through images.




We were a bit blocked when sharing our ideas with our peers after the visit to the pit, communication was not flowing easily. We took some coloured pencils out and tried and helped ourselves drawing some shapes while talking. It worked nicely differentiating ideas and concepts through the colours and to shape some basic concepts that we found around the pit.


Past projects

One of our peers, Cei, was trying to explain a concept to us but it was not quite clear. He brought then a big print out of one of his own projects from a previous subject to base his arguments on. It was amazing how our communication changed in the moment we started talking over the graphics of his project. Our thoughts and ideas were much clearer and got some new concepts around the construction industry in China.

Put ourselves in the place

I would say that the most valuable state change exercise we did yesterday was trying and putting ourselves on the people around the pit’s shoes. We brainstormed about what people in China are looking for in terms of housing to have a good quality of life. We imagine a hypothetical scenario in which we were buying a house around the pit. Through this exercise we got our scope and feel closer to the issue itself. In some way we could say we empathize more with the space and the people after the state-change exercise.


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