Day 3 in Dalian [CY3] – KAYLA


The third day of working with DUT in Dalian, I felt like I have been here for ages. The weather got better today, all the fogs has gone and we finally met a clear blue sky here. After site visiting and major stakeholders interviewing from previous two days, we have finally settled down for working on our value proposition and design solution today.

Our group spent the morning analysing our focus stakeholders and further developing our proposal from the first day, and following by the afternoon session 5X5 design activity. For better understanding and results, I helped Joanne to translate the five steps into Chinese before the exercise. I spent longer time with translation than expected. Although I have helped facilitated 5X5 design exercise with u.Lab in UTS library just one week before, but translate the whole process into Chinese is somehow different. During 5×5 activities, everyone was very concentrated in the limited time, Max and I were helping describe and participating the design at the same time, and that was very interesting experience to me. The activity was successful and helped us to quickly move forward to a new level of design approach, while I also found out some limitations in the design process.

The first step and second step were asking people to brainstorm random brands and consider the needs they satisfy. While since everyone came up with very large number of brands in the beginning, when we moved to second step, some of us confused which brand to work out. Also in the third step, when we asked to analysis the stakeholders, there were too much information to work on and the discussion was a bit unorganised. I think these can be improved in future exercise setup. Overall 5×5 activity was very helpful during the design process.

After our brief pitch of summarizing the stakeholders, value propositions and the design proposals, we all moved to a lecture hall for a lecture by Joanne about the foundation and philosophies about u.lab. All of us from UTS got the chance to talk a part in the lecture about how u.lab works. I was very impressed by all of us, although we were only given very limited of time, everyone presented very well. The lecture was great.

It is the first day that we finish before 9:30 during these days. I appreciated some more relax time tonight.


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