Day4 Ideate and Production [AW4] – KAYLA


The day before formal presentation is always the most productive day.

In such short period (4 days work) and intensive schedule (work, present, interview, exercise, lecture, etc), cooperation is the keyword to lead us to a common goal. To address problems we found out during the interviews and piths, we went through a long journey of brainstorming and discussion. We worked in a team towards a creative goal, and worked out some valuable ideas. From all different disciplines, discussion making requires good communication. I found that architects seem to go to far into the architecture details but missed something that achieve the value and philosophy in our design. We communicated about the how to bring our idea to our customers in 10 minutes time, and finally agreed with stay in concept level of design. 

Anthony and me have no background with architecture, and all the other girls in our group are architects and urban planners. To achieve best results and as many works we can do in limited time, we separated us into two little teams. Anthony as an engineer has a good sense of structure and logic and we worked together to arrange the structure and context of presentation. And the architects worked with the architecture design, sketches, and physical models. As a designer, I was in charge of visual communication, as well as translation between two different languages. We realized from past experiences that the structure and language of presentation are very important components, and to pass all the information that we need to show the audiences, the speech has to be prepared well. 

I wasn’t surprise that we need to stay over in the last night to work, but still impressed by how much passion was in that room in that night. After everything has been settling down, the biggest challenge was the limited time. 

We eventually have got all the required works done by Friday morning; everyone in our group collaborated and did our job perfectly. I will post about the amazing last day and presentation in next entry.


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