Dinner?…no my dear, BREAKFAST!

“factors of intensity influence communication during processes of prototyping and testing”


 Taking into account the language barriers we had within our groups and the highly demanding nature of the deadlines for the workshop we had to use as many communication tools as we could, in order to make our ideas clear for the rest. We had the fortune of working with five people with artistic background so it was sort of easy to put our ideas on drawings. For some other ideas we used any materials available around and sometimes we had even to demonstrate our ideas through mini role plays or creating small artefacts not to waste time lost in translations.



 List of deliverables

 A list of items that we had to produce for the final presentation was posted, a big one that pushed us to work on the limit of our capacities for the last 2 days. After dividing the tasks we started working independently in our respective fields. Some of us were working in the graphic staff others where drawing or modelling and one of us worked in the presentation, dialogues etc. Communication at this point got in a really basic point, everything needed to be communicated in such an easy way that sometimes we did not even talk, we just needed to show an image, a map or a piece of text to each other to be approved or modified within a matter or a minute or less.



 Long working session

 The last working session was the most intense one. In this preparation stage our communication was not only basic and condensed but as well sort of slow. I think the lack of energy and time pushed us to use just the necessary so our language had to be condensed   to communicate within our group in such an effective way. I could say it was sort of a survival tool, just to save energy and keep on going to get everything ready and on time. 




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