Final Presentation, farewell party, the most beautiful memory [AY5] — KAYLA


Work through a full day and night, my body was tired but my mental was exciting about to see all the efforts from all the groups in the class. All the visual works have been done by 9 o’clock. And most of us finished b y the last minutes.

Girls in my group went out to get our works print out, meanwhile Anthony and me were keep working on our speech and role play. We were announced that the presentation will need to be presenting by both Chinese and English to our Chinese government and company guest as well as everyone in the class. It was a big challenge in terms of none of us has done anything like that before. And experiencing all the translation lectures during the previous days, we all know that was not a good idea to present that way – simple translation one sentence by one would be time consuming and boring. The time limitation was also a tough problem, to present everything we have done in two languages in 10 minutes, everything has to be perfectly organised. We discussed our plan during the printing time and figure out the way to do it is define our focus groups. For u.Lab and DUT people, we need to show them our empathy work, value proposition and our concept; and for our guests who came from professional architecture, planning, and business background, we have to catch their interests by presenting them our architectural features and plans for the site. We tried very hard to finalise which part of the information is most worthily to be present during very limited time.

Followed our method, we did our presentation very successfully,  and won the second place  among the groups. Actually we couldn’t finished everything in time, to avoid our presentation went over time, we gave up the translation part of architectural features in our proposal, and instead of that, we presented that almost in Chinese. Since we have very details sketches to show at the same time, I think we covered as much as we could within 10 minutes. I was very happy with our workouts. During the discussion session we got very valueable information from all the professionals attended the presentation.  I hope Chinese girls in our team can  turn our ideal plan to real thing.

After intensive works for days we finally got the chance to relax in the afternoon. Outdoor party has been settled down for us. Everything went so fast in these days. We stick together for a whole week and that made me felt like I was in a big family, a warm, caring, positive, lively big family. It was so much fun to work with everyone here. And it was a best trip and best workshop that I ever have in my life. I must be in tears when the moment that I am taking off from Dalian.

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