First Day in Dalian [AY1] -KAYLA


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First day in Dalian with u lab, the weather was not very nice, freezing and foggy. I have to say it was such a long day for a starting point. I took off late from Sydney and it was a shame that I arrived only last night and missed the welcome party.


All the people from u.lab and students from DLUT met each other last night, but for me it was a fresh start. After the “warm up” T-Shaped profile exercise, we were all settled into groups. It was a challenge to remember all the 4 girls in my team because they all have Chinese names and a different English name. We practiced design exercise together, and left about 30 minutes for lunch, then followed with bus tour to the downtown Dalian. Visited the signature landscape and architecture in the city. And Dalian seems to be so grey because of the foggy and windy weather.


After dinner, we went back to classroom to have our end of day presentation. When we were given only 10 minutes for preparing presentation for a day it was a challenge for all of us. It is not a common practice for me and it is not anything our Chinese group mates expected. We ended up with not finishing our poster and presenting. However the outcome was very successful. The intensive gave us the pressure and the sense to pick up the major things to say. And all the Chinese girls in my group impressed me in terms of their English speaking ability and their self-expression.  


Before we can move forward with our design proposal, the most important thing is to get further understanding about our clients, local residents in the surrounding, government plans and all the unknown factors that matters to our project. And on the agenda for tomorrow, we are going to see all these stakeholders and run empathy interviews with them.


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