I wanna rock and roll…all night!

“factors of state-change influence communication during processes of presenting or preparation for presenting”


 Language difference

 The first state change exercise we had to do was while preparing the final presentation, understanding the language difference and the diversity if the public was necessary and for this purpose we needed to switch our minds. We needed to place ourselves in the audience’s shoes and try and create a dynamic pitch that everyone could understand saying what needed to be said in Mandarin and the basic concepts in English.  We did some presentations during the week so it was easier for all of us to limit ourselves in terms of time and ideas in order to be concise and not miss any important ideas.


 Role plays

 After limiting and defining an order for our final presentation we needed to be confident enough to present and do some rehearsal before presenting. We knew that not only our pairs were there but some people from the government and companies involved so we had to utilise all our best expression tools to make it the best we could. So during the role plays we did before the final presentation we imagined the audience, timed the presentation and judged our performance to put us all in the same page and get ready to rock. To imagine we were in the scenario lead us to deliver a well structured and controlled pitch.



 Pitch intro

 As the final presentation was planned to be in both languages we wanted to start our pitch with something that caught everyone’s attention and showed an idea. So we started talking at the same time in three different languages for half around 10 seconds (Spanish, English and Mandarin). It helped us while preparing the pitch to relax ourselves and take some pressure off our shoulders, our minds were a bit more relaxed after the exercise and the pitch flowed better. During the final presentation it did caught the attention of the audience and the laughing of them helped many of us to handle with the stress. 



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