Day1 in DALIAN, Information Flood

People may always worry too much when people find they are losing creativities. A high intensity workshop would help people worriless.

Worriless comes from lacking of knowledge or lacking of time and it is the best way to open your mind even it is incomplete.

For our workshop today, we could not digest all the information because there are huge differences between two countries. So, the idea we could give is beyond worries. Idea may not work here for our project but it’s really helpful to open mind.

The factor of intensity today make a clear pathway to our study. Due to the huge information of background we could not digest immediately, we have to figure out what we could do and what we could not do beforehand which could help us deleting the useless background rapidly. Such as we could not change climate here and could not change local government policy. We could easily focus on what we could do – rebuild the land with more functions. 

Intensity is not that helpful at the stage of data collection. Both of students from Aus and China are still confusing about the site background. Before we generate ideas, I think that we ‘d better have some fact rather than assumption.


Key words: Bigger, Landscape, Flowers,Rock,Environment, Factories,Residents…

Max Ma

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