AW3 – I blamed the food for being so good

Linette arrived early today, full of energy, and enlightened. I guess that somehow, after a reflective process supported by her pillow she came up with that interesting model about creating connections among our stakeholders. It was funny when we asked her how she was planning to establish such connections and she could not land her idea, that’s how we started, as a team, thinking how to do it. Also the team started participating more, as a whole.


 There she was, the connection between the IT Mexican guy and the young Chinese students of architecture, leading with us with strong steps = )


It was nice to hear during the lunch that our Chinese team members confessed that it was really hard for them to have long conversations in English; thus, I decided to be more empathic by telling them that it was the same from this side, at least for me. Moreover, I offered them to feel free to tell us at any moment when the conversation turned into a hard thing to understand. That hot pot did something magic, or maybe was the whole context, but after that lunch time we became a solid group, it took us one and a half hour to come back and all were relaxed.


 The outcomes of our work became cleaner, and instead of those funky cardboards from previous days full of drawings and colorful connecting lines everywhere, our ideas started to take a clean shape. Everyone was participating, and each of us would support a team mate to finish on time.



By the end of the day something happened, our Chinese team members plotted and decided to present what they felt like. They created a spreadsheet with some new information agreed in one discussion they had in Chinese; on the other hand Linette wanted to show the evolving and connected model. I laughed a little bit; it was clear to me that everyone was feeling too proud of our achievements and wanted to speak out loud. At the end of the session they presented their spread sheet and had to complete such information with the rest of the work to be able to explain the whole idea, everyone was happy.


That night the dinner was simply amazing, and the environment was warm and friendly. I did not take pictures of the happening, but here I’m pasting this stolen one to illustrate the moment and the place. The more people in the group were the merrier for the dinner, especially with those amazing tastes of China. Some people decided to sing for us by the end of the evening which made it a bit more interesting. That day at the end of the dinner I had this intense feeling of self accomplishment; I blamed the food for being so good, but I guess it was about everything.






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