AZ4 – A strong team


This morning I decided to ask what my team members mean  with “programs”, to be developed in the brown field. I had no idea, but architects call programs to those activities to be performed in a space; before asking I could imagine the idea, but I was unsure.

That day I felt especially useful for my team, all of them were very sure of what they wanted but they struggled to agree and to land their ideas; “everyone was too proud of our achievements” (Eldridge, AW3). 


That was when I decided to mediate among the team members, and I think I did well doing so. We agreed on the responsibilities for the activities requested in the first meeting, and started working towards them. I suggested spreading in teams for the architecture deliverables, the montage, and the presentation with the structured content. Everyone was happy and working accordingly, now I speak about it sounds like an easy task, but I must say it was a lot of work to do. I decided to do as much as possible to help everyone, so I suggested that if any problem needed more help I was willing to support anyone.


The conversations started to become more intense, we were tired and I guess everyone felt at some point that sleeping that night was not negotiable. We were so tire that our minds started to become less productive, so at some point we all had to stop and have conversations far from what we were doing. It helped to add that sense of knowing better those who you are working with,  and create a sense of empathy; we also had time to have a role play which made everyone to be awake really quickly, it brought new and clear ideas, and engaged everyone again. At the end of those activities and conversations our brains were more relaxed and we continued working hard.


That night only a couple of team members slept, it was not a privilege but some people really need a break, and at some point some of us were not doing much. The decision was to let them sleep so they would be fresh the next day to execute some activities while the exhausted rest would try to stay awake till the end of the presentations. At some point of the night, each of us needed to solve certain technical troubles and we did, and luckily we had the help of the rest of the team members to do it.




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