BY1 – one week flying in the sky


My Findings

One factor affecting diversity in my team is age. Most of my team mates are between 20 to 23 years, they don’t have work experience and most of their findings focus indetails, leaving the overall thinking aside. One example would be the findings
reported from the visit to the today; most of them paid attention to very detailed
aspects like rubbish, whereas there are several aspects influencing the future
of the site. The stakeholders with decision making power are good example, like
government and companies. The population around the area could also be
considered as stakeholders; nevertheless, we faced lack of information to understand
their bargaining power. A more interdisciplinary team would progress more

A stakeholder analysis is more likely to be produced in a business context, which
is not part of the disciplinary background held by most members of the team. Most
majors in the group are architecture, design, and IT. Moreover the lack of
working experience would influence this factor.

At this point we need more information about the relationship of young Chinese people and government; and how this relationship could influence the way they perceive the opportunities to create feasible suggestions to transform the brown field. This life background would be different for Australian citizens, whose government tends to be more likely to listen to their demands. Due to my background, I would tend to think that money and dark relationships among politicians and company would rule the decisions that will affect such space.
One last point..My first language is not English, therefore sometimes my texts tend to be very serious and cold while I’m using it. Nevertheless, I always try to express what I have in my mind by using the best possible words. Most people who know me speaking my own language would be surprised of the way I speak while using English. Therefore, I’m still wondering if this allows me to be creative or be very square minded.


Note. I just read again my first day’s blog to transfer it to Posterous, it is amazing how our brain can create so many connections in only few days =) The cost, one week flying in the sky unable to finish my assignments; I was mentally exhausted. I would do it again.






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