BY5 – All the pieces fit together

When I was a younger student I used to be able to create many different things with techniques I learned along many years of school; nevertheless, my seven years of working experience definitely gave me a sense of practicality. Also working for a big multinational destroys your sense of creativity and you become an odd person. Nevertheless, all that work and collaboration with creative people, the colors, the shapes, and the ideas gave back life to that apparently death sense.

The stress during the morning, before the deadline, got everyone working really hard in their responsibilities.

I proposed to use our connected design for our presentation; we had focus on how to represent what we were meant to transmit to the stakeholders. At some point I heard that the residents were not able to assist, so I also decided to focus less attention on them during the presentation. All these years of working experience presenting information to stakeholders like Controllers, CIOs, and CFOs, among other; have taught me that the most important guy in the meeting has an ego to be spoiled. Therefore, I only had to decide among the government and the recycling company. I wasn’t very sure, and decided to put both almost at the same level. Finally, our model was great since it was useful to represent our ideas in a basic concept.


When I finished the presentation I had this enormous feeling of self accomplishment, the project was finished and almost all the deliverables were ready to be presented. We managed to work as a team, to create all the representations of our ideas, and finally to present them. The idea of the green butterfly to help the residents to find the green areas was so great; the Chinese students created that beautiful concept in five minutes and put it together with our role play from the previous night. All the pieces fit together. 


Before the presentation my team decided that I had to present our concept, which I felt it as a big honor due to the trust they were putting on me. We started our rehearsal thirty minutes before the beginning of the meeting. Everyone was really excited, and all were working as one; the ideas were flowing, the conversations were enthusiastic, and the atmosphere was unique. 


I just counted my previous projects from my CV; I have fifteen consulting challenges in my experience. This has been the most successful and fulfilling.


I checked out from the hotel at 8.20 running like Cinderella thinking that my plane to Guangzhou was leaving soon. I don’t understand why I never tried to check my flight, it was 11.25 not 9.30. Therefore, I started walking around the airport trying to blend in the Chinese mood. To be truth I couldn’t ask much, I had no technology, and no language skills. I walked in a restaurant and managed to ask for food and the price by using my hands and my gestures, it worked! I remember my dad telling me to learn English, so I could ask for food anywhere id I had to travel abroad.


In the plane I was a bit destroyed due to the last challenge in Dalian, Karaoke! That was, the cherry on the tart. I think I could have given more during the moment, but the photographer in me decided to get as many angles of the night as possible. And well I danced some salsa style there, huh.


Now I remember why I like to travel alone. I spent one afternoon alone in Guangzhou, and it was also a good challenge. I managed to get some information at the airport, the hotel, and finally from the police officers in the subway. Nevertheless, the maps were in Chinese and most information around, hence I managed to identify the first and the last character from any written word that could allow me to understand where I was. 


After all that effort the cost of this trip was one week flying in the sky unable to finish my assignments, I was mentally exhausted; I would do it again. 


Adios China, ahí de rayo.






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