The schedule for today was also super intensive. Multi-task including 5 x 5 exercise, model building, empathy interview with major stakeholders and presentation at the end of the day.


The interview with government and company went well. We generated valuable information from all different departments. Girls in my group from DLUT prepared a question list that we wondered. And we separated as two small groups to participate the meeting with two departments from the government.Me and some of our u.lab friends end up with face to face interview with Mr.WANG who represent the company which own the land we are developing our design with.

Between Chinese Mandarin speakers and my English speakers friends, I turn to be a translator and messager. And it provided me valuable opportunity to talk to deeply with Mr.WANG. He paid full attention to us as a little group of overseas/international design students.

The conversation was interesting in terms of having people asking questions from different angles.
The diversity different people in the team all played important roles during the interview even the clear language barrier was there, and translation was slowing down progress. We all got the chance to think border.

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