Day3 in DALIAN ideation.






Communication exercises is a good way to relax and it establishes some connections among collaborators.  State-change helps us to think to be perfect. Design should be satisfy users’ needs. More users involved, more needs we could find.

In our group work, often we come to the landscape and point out the change or design ideas on that space. It’s hard to remember all the professional words when communications. A real model really helps. We share ideas rather than language learning. Communications is a primary aim. I’ve found that even we speak the same language. We still have a lot of troubles while communication.

So, language plays a small role while communicating, what is more important is communications itself. Whatever we use, what ever we show, all helps thinking. There are no new ways to communication because all ways of communications were already there and just wait us to choose. We have generated a idea about connecting low land and high land via Cliff Terrace Car Park. This idea comes from a sparel stairs which is placed by Job on the cliff.


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