Teamwork is a test for communication. Every team member has to let others know their ideas and let the others accept those ideas. So, because of the barrier of languages, diversity of all the factors mentioned gives us chances to communicating well. When the talk comes to a new depth, defects show at the same time.

During the process of prototyping and testing, some factors, such as life background and culture contribute creativities. Otherwise some defects display at the same time. The process of communication is a process of finding talents. The nature of lead, act and writing will display soon. Some defects such as ego-centric will appear at the same time. How to make a team works as a team and how to avoid quarrel and waste other talents is a very important skill.

A rich life background will be the Lubricant between team members while talking. A person who could help the team working smoothly is the key to success.



A successful project needs talents; a mature project needs harmony, trust and tolerance.


P.S.: On the side of talent, girls in our team are all good at drawings, either on computer or by hands. Sometimes Job needs me to translate some from girls’ ideas and I can’t do it very well because it’s so fast while changing in 2 languages. The slow translating between girls and Job will annoy both sides. Girls’ drawings help a lot when talking and it also help to generate new ideas. That means personal talent will not directly influence teamwork but have effect on communications, which is another lubricant somehow.



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