In the first day in Dalian, I’ve got the meaning of intensive and at the last day I’ve leant a lot from intensive.


Ideation — I’ve thought about it at the beginning of the workshop and now. I’ve found something different. It’s really helpful via experiencing an intensive workshop and ideation had appeared in these five days. Actually, those ideas that generated via workshop are not all related to our project itself.        What we found mostly are about communication and about how to do a fast teamwork without words.


A preparation of project should be done before the teamwork. The Chinese explanations of words “stakeholder” and “empathy” really speed up our 5×5 because there is not exact word in Chinese to translate the word. What I suggested is giving some word explanations before we run 5×5 if it is really professional or it will be run via different languages.


Table facilitators need to be professional. I’d like to see all the table facilitators just say few words and quickly find team leaders in each group. We cannot give personal ideas when we perform a table facilitator. Actually a professional training might be useful while running 5×5 in different occasions. Languages and professional vocabularies will affect the quality of communication and communications are the essence of 5×5.


Ideation will continue even our 5×5 is not perfect now. We need do some improvement in the orient of being professional. 

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