Its Good to be Different


Diversity can affect representation in several ways.When you have 5 people with different cultural background, it can be real difficult at first . So at first,  language can become a problem because not all of us are very good in communicating ideas in English. So we use verbal, picture, diagram and sketches to communicate our ideas. In addition different cultural background can also affect the representation. This is because between culture there is disparity in which something is considered good or bad. Different culture have different opinion on what is considered aesthetic. However its also bring a value of originality because each culture has their own unique aesthetic.


Diversity can affected on how those ideas are being visualized or represented. So each individual have their own ways of communicating ideas. Therefore it is difficult to understand some one ideas because of their different point of view. However it cal also bring the benefit of making each ideas unique because of the diversity.Sometimes its easier to communicate ideas using more than just one medium. For example we sometimes use picture, diagram, sketches or when video to communicate our ideas to others. Therefore this methods is always used when we tried to communicate our ideas with others.



However as we progress and understand each other better we can use the diversity of the group for our advantages. For example one person is better at managing and keeping tracks of progress, someone is better at making videos,  and we have also someone that is better at design. Because of the diversity each of our own group members is unique. Therefore each can add their own unique knowledge to the group knowledge. It also affect the collective creativity because we have more knowledge than before so we can come up with more creative ideas.


Diversity in representation can affect negatively or positively. However based on my experience can benefits representation. To be able to take advantage of diversity, its important to know what a person best skills is. Because with different cultural background each persons is unique therefore adding more uniqueness to the group knowledge and creativity creative. The group can come with more creative ideas than before.




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