The topic of my group is that improve the creativities of normal people, so the topic of our research relate to how change people’s behave by environments and how improve people’s creativities by open their minds. These topics are totally different, but when we start to think about our testing, we have some problems, because we do not know how to test these two similar ideas by different ways. Because we need to do these tests on Easter holiday, so we just have 3 members. When we discuss the details of our testing, we have different opinions; Michi believed these topics are same, but I and Kris thought these are different, so at that time we had some little dispute about do we need 2 different testing for research. Michi thought as long as we have two topics, so we need two testing, but I thought we just need only one testing. When we met this stuck, we all stop and thinking, because the dispute cannot solve our problems, we need calm down and think more to improve our ideas. After the second brainstorming, we finally decide the testing plan, use normal furniture models and some shapes to test people, we can observe this testing in different way to do different topics.



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