Diverse Communication


Diversity can affected communication in different ways.  Diversity in our group is caused mainly because we came from different countries. Therefore we have different languages, culture and thinking styles.  

Firstly because most of the people in our group have different languages, communicating in English can be difficult. In order to communicate better we often use sketches, picture, and diagram to communicate better. In time this is has became our preferred ways of communicating.


In addition we have different culture so at first it was difficult to communicate. For example some culture prefer face to face meeting while other don’t mind meeting online.  Additionally some cultures like to communicate short and concise, while other tend to spoke at length. Moreover in some cultures they are very polite and dislike argue, while other doesn’t mind arguing.


Furthermore we have also different thinking styles. It can affect our view on a certain ideas. So it complicates our communication and prolongs our work. However it can also make us to see an idea from different perspective. Therefore we are able to come up with a unique and original ideas.

Our preferences methods of communicating is by using different media to express our opinion and media. For example we often use sketches, diagram and pictures.


Because using this methods of communication our skills and knowledge in communication using different media is increased. We discover new types of media to communicate. In addition some media is better at communicating a certain types of messages. For example diagram can be useful to communicate complex ideas instead of just using words.



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