Parkour principles and space


In our project, we try to bring the parkour principles to normal office, but as we know, the work office is a wide range, such as rest room, work space, meeting room, corridor, lifts, and balcony and so on. So we realized that we cannot put the principles in all the work office. I thought when people active in the creative ways, they also need to keep the work efficiency. I afraid that our shapes are so playful that would influence the concentrations. But other group members had the different opinions, they believed that we should put the parkour principles into the meeting rooms, because people need creative ideas when they are meeting and discussing. Maybe because the different structure of companies in our countries, we had the diversity. At that time, the place where we sat was full of people who having the dinner. Because of the temptation of food and exhausted state, this diversity became more and more serious. At last we break up in discord. After this meeting, I thought all of us did the self-examination. In my opinion, we should learn more about how to deal with the divergency.


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