The Chemistry Between


In our group intensity can be an important factors in building group chemistry, generating ideas and visualizing ideas. In my opinion intensity can became an important factors in our group to be able to come up with good result for our project.

Firstly regarding the chemistry as group. Our group chemistry build on the intensity of us communicating, discussing and working with each other. With each time we meet our chemistry getting better. For example because each of us came from different countries at first communicating is difficult. However each time we meet we learn to communicate not only using verbal language but also by using other media such as drawing and diagram. This methods seems to work therefore it became our ways of communicating.

In addition intensity can be important when we are trying to generate an idea. This is because idea generation came from a series of process. Therefore the more intense the idea generation were trying to build based on a wide range of ideas. Then narrowed it down into a certain ideas, make us to come up with good idea. However this intensity can also bring forth a dispute in our group because of the pressure.  


Further more intensity helps to visualize our idea. To build on an idea, because we have difficulties at communicating ideas often to communicate an idea we have to explain more than once with different media. Therefore made an idea viewed from different ways and allowed for the person to understand the idea better. It also allows for an idea to be thoroughly analyzed by others. In addition to come with a good representation we don’t always succeed at our first attempt. Often we build from one representation and improve it. For example when we design our logo, it came from several ideas about the name, design of the logogram and also logotypes. The intensity of our work allowed us to come up with a good logo for our projects




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