Brainstorming [AZ2]

Creativity process is based on the sharing of the idea the and the free development of the mate’s suggestion. Since I started working in group I could have noticed an completely different intensity in the idea generation. If you work with other people you can have the hints necessary to going on in the process. It’s impossible think that a single man can have the same amount of idea or illumination without having an exchange of opinion, without going on building on the mate suggestion. But of course a group brain storming require an extremely high intensity and concentration, everybody should be active and open to the thinking flow of the discussion, must not broke the rhythm and follow the stream. A certain intensity of thinking is absolutely necessary because each brain work in a different way and it require time to get everybody on the same wave length. Anyway, also when the brains are active and completely working, this processes, unless you are lucky,  take a while to find the right direction. In this phase it’s likely that the idea generated could be banal and common. But with the right intensity and the right atmosphere the idea will start flying and crazy stuff will be generate. In this moment the intensity reach the maximum. Then is time to get concrete and links between common and crazy  are generated to create an final innovative idea.


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