Designer vs World [CY3]

Even if we come from 5 different state and cultural background the big difference in the representation is due to the our professional back ground. Michi uses bullets point, but may be this is due because drawing chart or clouds with word is totally impossible. Or better you can but u will spent more time running behind the word going everywhere than the effective time in the creation process. Kris, Rachael and I no. we are designer and by definition we are fuzzy and messy, we don’t have  any consequence in are think flowing and we are used to clouds that are more suitable to a brainstorming and making connections.

This is not really something that helps the creativity, on the contrary it’s a break to the process because every time we have to managed to different style of representation and more than once do a sort of translation between the design crazy thinking to the more ordinate and sequential thinking from IT and Business. For example every time we have a group meeting Michi try to make a written record of what we decide, but suddenly a blog notes or a piece of paper (usually already used and reused) and from the Word file on Michi’s computer we are looking and observing what someone is sketching.

[images are coming] 

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