From All Over The World

Before I came here in Sydney to study I was expecting to have some problems of communication because , you know, you study 10 years a English and you learn how grammar works, but you never really use it describe a project or a creative thinking and you miss all the small the shades of the language that can really change the meaning of the projects. Actually when I came here was exactly like this. I found an English that is not the one I studied, at least only the grammar, and sometimes I cannot really understand everything, but I go on because the intensity is high and doesn’t matter I’ll understand by the context. Luckily we are not only Australian!! The diversity saved me!! I’m not the only one who has to take huge reflection pause to finish the sentences with the right meaning. When the spoken communication is not enough I help my idea with gestures. Yep. I’m Italian. But in the first time my team didn’t understand my body use of the hands and laughed at me, but now there learned, and as lot of small Italian their hands.


Anyway in our team there is everything Australia, Europe, Asia and Middle East, Design, Business and IT. We are a cluster of culture and background, everybody bring something, speaks and think in a different way… but this is the opposite of a problem. The first night we met the topic generation we spent more time repeating the same stuff than taking the real decision but in the end I was really satisfied because in that case the diversity in language and background generated lots of improbable connection and may point of view. 




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